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St Matthew provides a bespoke personal tax service that looks after your interests, strengthens your finances and helps you reach your financial goals.

Our team of highly skilled personal tax specialists and advisers can advise on every aspect of your tax position. We’re friendly, approachable and talk in a language you understand.

As a leading and experienced accountancy firm, we are ideally placed to ensure you comply with your legal obligations as well as recommend ways to reduce your tax liability.

In addition to preparing and filing reports and returns, our expertise extends to solving the most complex tax issues. Whatever your circumstances and needs, we will work closely with you to help protect your wealth while ensuring you don’t pay more tax than you have to. With St Matthew, there’s no reason for your personal taxes to be taxing.

Accounting Services for UK Residents
Tax and Accounting Services for UK Residents
Tax Services for UK Residents

Tax Registrations

If you are looking to become self-employed or are already self-employed, you have to register to be charged income tax and national insurance contributions with HMRC. This is something we can help you with.

Our experts will help you prepare and submit your forms, ensuring you comply fully with the rules.

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Tax Returns

The UK tax code is the longest and most complicated in the world, containing hundreds of allowances and deductions. But unless you are an expert, you cannot know them all.

At St Matthew, we can prepare your tax return and give you practical advice to help reduce your annual tax bill.

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Landlord Tax

We help landlords get the most out of their properties and fulfil their tax obligations. As well as filling out and submitting tax returns, our landlord tax service covers advice relating to tax relief on mortgage interest, tax-deductible property expenses, holiday lettings, non-resident landlord scheme and more.

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Inheritance Tax

Few of us like to contemplate a time when we’re no longer around.

However, without smart financial planning, inheritance tax proves costly for any family, and the last thing you want is for taxes to eat away at your estate.

We can conduct a detailed review of your finances and liabilities, assess your exposure to inheritance tax and structure your estate tax efficiently to ensure the people you love the most benefit the most.

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Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax is payable on the sale of assets such as property, shares and most personal possessions worth £6,000 or more (except your car) where significant financial gains are made.

However, there are a number of tax relief opportunities available where exemptions can be applied, which can minimise liability.

Our specialist team is on hand to advise on your obligations and create a customised strategy that may reduce or eliminate potential liability.

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If the requirements, regulations, details and deadlines of self-assessment tax returns have got your head spinning, don’t worry.

We can take the hassle off your shoulders by completing your self-assessment tax return, seeing if any tax savings can be made and submitting the relevant paperwork to HMRC.

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Personal Tax Planning

The best way to be more tax-efficient and reduce your tax burden is to plan ahead. With the complex nature of taxes and finances today, it pays to get professional help.

Our highly experienced accountants will help you understand what you want your money to achieve and make the right tax arrangements to support your goals.

Our advice is tailored to your situation and includes but is not limited to annual wealth and income planning reviews, maximising allowances and reliefs, tax-saving products and investments, pension contributions and pension planning. We can help you protect your interests.

Multiple Income Sources

Today more and more people have multiple income streams and projects on the go, which can complicate the tax picture. All must be accounted for.

Irrespective of how you’re employed or the source of your earnings, our accountants will help you maximise your incomes, advise you about what tax-deductible expenses you can claim and ensure that you always pay the right level of tax.

We can’t make you rich, but we can help you to reduce your financial burden and keep as much money as possible from your endeavours.

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Expatriate Tax

Are you moving or retiring abroad or coming to the UK to live or work? If so, your tax issues may be more complicated than normal. Expat tax is one of the most complex areas of personal taxation and is ever-changing.

Whether you are leaving or arriving in the UK, we can help. Our experts can advise on your tax obligations and the impact of double tax treaties, assist with compliance with relevant tax authorities and file income tax returns on a timely basis.

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Tax Investigations

Nobody wants to hear they’re the subject of a tax investigation. They can be launched at any time through random selection. If HMRC decides to take a closer look at your financial affairs, it can be a stressful experience whether or not your records are in order.

We can take away the pressure by managing the entire process on your behalf and advise you on the best strategies. Our accountants specialise in resolving all kinds of tax investigations and disputes in the most efficient, cost-effective and timely manner possible.

Tax Investigation Assistance for UK Residents

Some of the other areas we can help you include:

  • Pension Income
  • Foreign Income
  • Personal Investments
  • Personal Bookkeeping
  • Wealth Management
Wealth Management

Why We Are Different

In the crowded world of accountancy, St Matthew offers something different. Unlike many other accountancy firms who only know their jurisdiction, we have extensive experience of tax systems in multiple countries. If part or all of your income comes from abroad, you want to work or retire overseas or set up a company in another country, we can provide you with a truly global service. Whatever your priorities, we will be by your side with personalised solutions for you.

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