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Going public is an exciting undertaking for a company, a way to open up new opportunities and create sustainable growth. However, without expert guidance, it can be a long, demanding and complex process. Preparation is key.

So, where do you start?

Introducing Swordblade & Co, one of the consultancy services in our group. This London-based team of advisors helps European and US companies of all sizes and sectors raise equity funding and go public in stock markets worldwide.

With a comprehensive and proven approach, technical skills and industry expertise, Swordblade & Co provides bespoke end-to-end solutions – from a full analysis of your company and creation of an investment story to fundraising and successful floatation.

Company's Going Public Assistance

How Swordblade & Co Can Help

Regulatory market guidance.

Conducting a pre-IPO readiness assessment.

Advising on the most suitable funding options for you (IPO, pre-float funding, cash shells, alternative finance).

Business sector intelligence.

Assisting with regulatory issues regarding pre-IPO and IPO valuation.

Sourcing equity capital.

Listing on major European and USA markets (including Nasdaq First North, Vienna MTF, AQSE Growth Market and OTCQB Venture Market).

Investor targeting.

Transfers between stock markets.


If you’re thinking about fuelling your company’s future by going public, click here for more information on how Swordblade & Co can get you ready for the big day and beyond.

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