Posted: 28. September 2019 by: Rupert Tennant

Why You Should Invest In Gold

When it comes to investment opportunities, gold is one that you really think about. Most modern investors have many others, and more pressing investment options out there and gold seems like a relic of a different time.

However, there are still good reasons to invest in gold right now. This is something that shouldn’t be used as your main investment source, but rather as a way to spread and diversify your investments in combination with others. That’s what’s holds a hedge investment.

The price of gold

The main reason to invest in gold, as is the case with any other investment is to sell it later for an increased price. That’s something that can be done with gold, but the main advantage here comes from the fact that the price of gold is pretty consistent and you can always know what to expect.

This is a good way to hedge your investments and keep them safe from inflation. While your other investments may vary in price and therefore income on your end gold will remain safe since it’s a good that is in limited supply.

The demand

The demand for gold is pretty consistent, as well. It’s a good that’s needed by a variety of industries starting from jewellery, but also many others since it’s widely used in tech. This means gold will be easy to sell when you want to get rid of it. You could also sell directly to those who needed or use some of the available markets.

There’s also a demand from others who want to use gold as an investment like yourself, and that’s a growing market due to how other investments are far less certain, and there are many of those who are looking for a hedge.

Historically valuable

Gold is historically a valuable commodity. This is something that’s important today because it’s proof that you could sell gold even when there’s an issue with your fiat currency or your financial and political system as a whole. There are societies that have returned to gold during times of crisis and turmoil.

In a way, this is to say that gold is a hedge against financial as well as political problems in your country. With issues such as climate change and natural disasters becoming more important, this is something to have in mind.


There are many ways to get and store gold, and that makes it rather versatile as a commodity. You can get the gold in bars or bullions. This will make it easy for you to store and move gold when you need to, but it also gives you a chance to sell it in a variety of ways because different buyers want the gold to be stored in a variety of ways.

This is something that gives you options and simply put you always want to have options when it comes to how you can use your investments.


Taxation, as it relates to gold, is also rather straightforward. This doesn’t mean there are no taxes to worry about and plan, but that you know what the rates will be and that there’s little chance for it to change. This is useful when it comes to investing and planning your finances.

Investors and business owners in general usually should focus on investments that are backed by clear and steady tax policies since that’s the best way to plan for the future and to get the most out of the investment as a whole.


This isn’t to say that there are no downsides to investing in gold as well. These are mostly about the fact that unlike other traditional investments, gold requires you to spend time and money to move it and store it. This isn’t the case when investing in shares or intellectual property, and it’s only somewhat true when it comes to property.

There’s also a way to see the positive features we have mentioned as somewhat of downsides. That’s because you always know what you can get with gold. There are no sudden boosts as there are with other investments.


There are a few reasons to invest in gold right now, even though it doesn’t seem like a modern investment. That’s because you can use this as a hedge investment in which you can be assured. It helps balance out the investments that you can’t rally on, meaning pretty much any other investment.

This is also a good that’s taxed in a clear and easy to understand tax and that helps you plan for the financial future as well. Gold could be sold for the purpose of making jewellery, saving or for the needs of the tech industry that uses it.