Posted: 8. October 2019 by: Rupert Tennant

What to Write in Your Business Plan

A business plan is a document that will write out how your business will work, what it will do and how you plan to pay for it. The document is used by the banks that will provide you with loans, and it can even be used by other larger companies in your field of work.

That’s why you need to put some work into writing your plan. That can be done by experts whose services you’re using, or it can be done by the business itself since there’s no clearly defined way how to do it.


The first step is to know your business and more broadly your industry as a whole. This will require you to analyze your company and its abilities; you’ll also need to do so with your competitors and the companies that are associated with your business.

It’s sometimes impossible for you to do so since you’re too close to the company as a whole. That’s why you’ll need to try bringing someone from the outside and letting them describe your business as it is and as an outsider can see it.

The purpose

The next things you need to do is to figure out why you’re making the plan in the first place. The plan will be different based on what its purpose is. It’s important to try to figure out and to write so that those who should read the plan get the information they need from it.

This means that the bank will look for your ability to have a steady income, while other companies would look for how your business can scale up. Potential employees will look for your business practices. The plan needs to reflect these different needs.

A company profile

A business plan should also be a kind of profile of your company. It should be a snapshot of how your business is set up with what purpose and what the mechanisms behind it are. This profile should also set up your target audience and your goals in terms of profit and future plans overall.

The profile could be a short version of the plan, and therefore it can be placed on your company website or included with other public documents. That way, you can showcase the main features of the company to the general public.

Strategic marketing

The business should delve deeply into strategic marketing planning. Marketing plans are amongst important plans a company should make since you need to start improving the business from day one. The business plan should address a few issues:

  • How to introduce new products
  • how to expand the market for existing ones
  • How to enter new territory with your business
  • How to boost sales for an individual product
  • Cross-selling
  • Creating long term relationships with the clients
  • Content marketing strategy
  • working on product delivery

All of these should be detailed in terms of costs, systems and desired outcomes.


A plan should specifically address the issue of how the company will be financed.  It’s partly about how the company will find the money needed for it to start. That’s mostly a way to lay out how the company plans to take on and repay the loans.

Beyond that, the finance part of the plan should go into details about where your money goes and why. This will let the companies and the banks working with you how your business actually operates and what makes it tick. Most loans and long term business deals could be decided on based on this part of the plan.


Most business plans have short term part of their operations figured out since those are the next steps to take. Most also have some sort of long term vision in mind, but that’s mostly about what you want the company to be. The key is to have reasonable middle-term objectives laid out in the plan.

These should come with a clear timeline, and they should be something that can be objectively measured. When you have that, you’ll be able to get investors involved since for them it’s a map of where and when your business is going.


There are a few documents that are as important to your business as a business plan. The plan is where your company lays out how it’s going to be financed, operated, and what its long term goals are. This document doesn’t have to be made for the general public, but it needs to be tailored for the audience it is made for.

The plan should especially go into details about how the company is financed and how it’s going to be marketed both to the customers and to other important businesses in your area of work.

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