Posted: 2. May 2016 by: Rupert Tennant

Simple Principles of Persuasion for Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

The psychological principles of persuasion were formulated by Professor Robert Cialdini, who believed that there are specific factors that influence decision making, especially consumer choices. In reference to this, these same principles can be used effectively to improve sales and marketing activities. Below is an outline of each factor and how you can apply them to benefit your business.


This principle can be related to supply and demand. It simply implies that when there is a limited supply of a particular item or service, the higher the value is placed on it. As a result, people are more likely to want it and will grab the opportunity to get it before it runs out of stock. As a good rule of the thumb, legitimate messages such as “50% off for a limited time only”, “while stocks last” or “only 10 left!” This can go a long way to reduce customer hesitation and persuade them to make that all-important purchase.

Commitment and consistency

It is natural that people have an inherent need to be seen as consistent with their actions and self-image. This makes it necessary for them to make commitments that they will be more likely to follow up in the future. Ideally, this principle can be utilised with email communications. For instance, if a customer enters their email address to gain access to a free resource or enters a competition, they are more likely to see themselves as a customer and will not relent go on to make a purchase. In short, a great loyalty scheme can be a very effective way to initiate commitment.


Essentially, the logic of reciprocity is that when a person is given something by another, they feel indebted to that person. Ultimately, they are highly likely to give something back to restore equality. Therefore, by giving existing and potential customers valuable freebies, you can persuade them to give you something even bigger in return, like their credit card details, loyalty, and recommendations to others.


Customers need to feel they can trust you when it comes to handing over their hard-earned money. As a business person, being seen as credible and authoritative is one of the best methods to gain their respect. Always let your customers know exactly how you can help them. Also, take time and demonstrate your expertise in your niche. If you write a blog, for example, fill it with informative and helpful content that will help customers in solving certain issues. It is prudent to ensure that your employees are well trained and knowledgeable about your products/services to remove any shadow of doubt from your customer’s mind.


Incorporating any of these principles into your sales and marketing strategy will definitely catapult you ahead of the pack. Just make you’re your marketing effective and efficient if you want to remain relevant in business.

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