Posted: 6. August 2019 by: Rupert Tennant

How to Spot a Good Manager

One of the most important tasks you have as a business owner is hiring. That’s especially true when you’re hiring for important positions such as managers and financial leaders. Finding a good manager is especially difficult since that needs to be a person that you can hand a portion of the work to.

Sporting a person that should be your manager is also rather complicated because the best way to choose a manager is to have one working for you for a while and that’s too expensive to try.

An individual level

It’s perfectly fine for the company to have a policy on one matter or the other that will apply to all the workers equally. However, managing is always done on a person to person level regardless of how large the company is. A good manager is the one who’s able to do the work on such an individual level.

That means that a manager should be able to adapt their style of managing and on an overall approach to accommodate the needs of individual employees one by one. It’s something that creates a good working environment since the employees feel appreciated.

Keeping the employees

The employees are the most important assets the company has, and they need to be treated as such. One of the goals a good manager has is to make sure that there’s not that much employee turnover meaning you don’t lose the employees when you don’t have to.

The employees would often stay with the company that can’t offer a large salary or big bonuses, but a one that makes them feel appreciated and as if they are a part of the team. That’s something that can only be accomplished with good management.

Cool under pressure

There’s a lot of stress involved with running a business. This is true for small companies and large alike. It’s a demanding job, and it often takes more than you’ve imagined it will and in the end it’s always about working with money, a lot of which is borrowed. A manager needs to be up to these tasks.

They simply need to learn how to be cool under such pressures and to stick to the company policy on them when it’s not sure how to approach difficult decisions.  The best way to find such a person is to find someone who has done it before.


A manager shouldn’t be the only person that’s able to go into difficult tasks. Instead, they should know when to delegate and leave a particular task to someone who’s better than them at doing it. This is a much harder thing to do than you imagine.

Finding employees that you can rally on and that you can trust to delegate a certain task to isn’t something everyone is able to do. That’s why you’ll do well to bring the manager up from the pool of the employees themselves. This will give them a new perspective on who’s able to do what.

Admitting mistakes

During the day to day tasks needed to run a business, there will be some mistakes made by all parties. The manager will surely make their share of mistakes as well. At the same time, if they are chosen for leadership roles, they should act like it.

That means they will be able to own up to their mistakes and be able to learn from them. The same goes for the ability to say that you don’t know how to do something and be honest about your abilities.

Changing things up

A business needs to grow and change as time goes by. That’s the only way to be competitive and to remain important to the market. This means that the manager also needs to be prepared to change and adapt in such a manner.  It often happens that you have a manger that’s perfect for the company as it is but not for the company you want to create.

It’s not easy to plan in such a manner since you don’t know how the company and the market overall will change. However, there are a few qualities that are needed regardless of what happens with the business.


A manager is an essential part of the company team, and you need to choose the one with great care. It needs to be the person that you can rally on when the company is growing and changing.  It also needs to be someone that fits into your company culture.

A manager also needs to be able to delegate the tasks to your employees and to work with them on an individual level. The main goal should be to keep the employees as long as you can and not to lose money on employee turnover.