Choose Accountants Who Know a Thing or Two About Growing a Business from Zero

At St Matthew we know something about growing a small business from zero (and the growing pains that come with it). When we set up our firm in 2006 we were the fastest growing accountancy firm in the UK two years in a row (according to industry reports).  So when you choose an accountant for your growing business choose a firm where the partners share a sense of urgency, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit with you.

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Other EU Countries Welcome Your Business With Open Arms

One of the declared goals of the “common market” idea behind the European Union is precisely that EU citizens can choose where to set up a business.  Healthy competition between countries in the EU is desirable and you should make use of the option available. So if your considering to move part of your business outside the UK or establish additional facilities abroad we can show you some pretty interesting options.

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Are You a UK Business Looking to Expand Abroad?

For many UK entrepreneurs selling their products and services abroad is already part of their day to day business. The internet and global platforms like Ebay and Amazon make it easy to deal with customers worldwide. Other businesses go even further and set up offices, warehouses and production facilities abroad. No matter where you are on your path to global dominance: You need accountants to advise you along the way. As a small, hands on firm of accountants based in London and Hampshire our expertise is helping you grow internationally. We know a thing or two about international tax laws: No matter it’s VAT, employing staff, setting up tax efficient corporate structures – we have it covered. Why not getting in touch today and having a chat about your expansion project?

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Investors in Europe Are Looking for Investment Opportunities Like Your Business

You have probably realised that banks don’t pay much interest anymore. Hence there is a lot of capital flowing around looking for investment opportunities. Sound and successful small businesses from the UK are popular with European investors we know. Your benefit? It’s not a loan and you don’t depend on banks. So if you are looking for £500,000 to £5 Million in equity capital – give us a call and we should talk.
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St Matthew Chartered Certified Accountants are London based accountants to ambitious entrepreneurs in the UK since 2006.

Our clients are growing businesses. They are looking for full service accountants. A firm who can handle their growth and helps them reaching the next level.

The next level is doing business abroad. As international tax experts we know the very practical implications of expanding your business beyond the UK. Read more

Understanding Today's Needs

Doing business today is in many ways vastly different than what it was 20 or 30 years ago. Deregulation, internationalisation and the advancement of technology have created a new reality for entrepreneurs. This is exciting. The future is up for grabs. There are enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs today. St Matthew as a firm has fully embraced this new reality and we help our clients to reach their goals and put their vision into practise.

Process Driven

Part of becoming a client of St Matthew is to buy into a process. We have figured this out. There is a structure in place that ensures things get done on time. With accountancy details matter. Deadlines matter. Where defined processes provide a framework for service delivery one can cater for the unexpected. Indeed only a strong and reliable set of rules puts order into things. This way our staff have the peace of mind to provide a personal, attentive service to our clients.

Technology Aficionados

We love technology. It sounds a bit cheesy. It doesn’t mean though to have a nice website and our own iPhone app. St Matthew has many clients from the technology and internet sector. Why? Because it’s the technology that makes the new reality possible. It means a business in the UK can work with freelancers in Asia. It means a UK company can sell their products to the US effortlessly. And it means you can live anywhere and can run your business from anywhere. It’s our mission to help you make it all all happen.

Solutions to the Challenges UK-Entrepreneurs Face Today

These are exciting times and the require new solutions for a new breed of entrepreneurs. We have the answers to the questions that matter today.

Doing Business in Malta

A Free Webinar for UK Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 3pm GMT

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Free Webinar:

Doing Business in Malta

February 18th, 2014 at 3pm

Malta is the country in the European Union with the lowest effective corporation tax rate: It’s just 5%. Naturally this attracts a lot of international businesses to Malta. There are a good number of daily flights from the UK to Malta, English is the official language of the country and as a former part of the empire the legal system is pretty much the same as in the UK. This makes Malta particularly interesting for UK entrepreneurs looking to open a subsidiary outside the UK. In this free webinar we explore how to do business in Malta, what you need to do to get started and what else is important to know.


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MPs Still Claiming for Tax Returns

MPs Still Claiming for Tax Returns

Despite the expenses scandal in 2009, MPs are still claiming taxpayer money for help filling out their tax forms. Over £5,000 has been claimed in the past year for accounting advice from 11 different MPs. The rules regarding claiming for tax advice were tightened in the wake of the expenses scandal.

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Giving Shares to Employees

In this video we explain the essentials of giving shares to key employees of your company. Giving shares to important members of staff enures loyalty and motivation and can be a promising incentive for retaining the people your business needs. Access our YouTube channel to see all videos.

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